7 ways to renovate and change your house with furniture


Whether you are an office worker, businessman, driver or whatever, home must be a place where we always want to return after a hard-working day. A place where we can take a rest and forget about all the difficulties and chaos outside. A place where we can regain our spirit and re-create our energy for the next day. When you get home, you need a fresh, cozy space to avoid repetitive boredom in the office. Therefore, sometimes, be a creative artist, redesign the concept or use decorative décor to refresh the space of your own home. Check out our suggestions for house renovations and living room space changing.

Refreshing the living room with colourful paint or wallpaper


Changing room carpet to give the house a new look



Ceiling fan or ceiling light will emphasize the top of your living room


Hanging garden – Green space for the living room

Adding wall picture to fill up the space

Create unique decorative partitions. This will be suitable for houses which do not have much space

Adding a new shelf where you can decorate or providing you a place to store anything