EPX0334 (1200-700-40) – Epoxy Coffee Table/ Office Desk


‘- Product Type: Epoxy Coffee Table/ Study Table

– Product Code: EPX0334

– Dimensions (L x W x H): 1200-700-40

– Table Top Material: Samanea Saman timber & Epoxy resin

– Leg Material: Electrostatic Painting Metal Leg

– Comfortably seats: 4

– Location: Warehouse in Ravenhall, Vic

– Video: Click here

Epoxy Tables are a popular, modern piece of furniture turned artwork. Epoxy Tables are made using wood and epoxy resins. This provides a stunning contrast between the natural beauty of the wood and the modern colourful finish of metallic epoxy.

EPX0334 (1200-700-40) – Epoxy Coffee Table/ Office Desk


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