(Updated: Jan 1st, 2022)

About product

1. How Much Does an Epoxy Table Cost?

Price depends on dimension, style of legs and the design you choose for your table
If you want a custom piece, the cost will depend on several other factors, including labor, but we can give you a quote.

2. How much does a Live Edge wood table cost?

Price depends on dimension, thickness and timber pattern.


3. What wood is it?

The wood name Samanea – popular name is Monkey Pod imported from South East Asia.

4. Is this furniture for indoor or outdoor?

Our furniture is for indoor only

5. Do you custom made?

Yes we do. Please find more info on our website Custom Order | NATURAL TIMBER STONE

Delivery & Warranty

1. Do you deliver Australia wide?

Yes, we use a number of freight partners to deliver Australia wide.

The freight fee depends on your location, dimensions of products, quantity of items.

We can give you their contacts for directly discussion or if you have your own transport, we will prepare your order for collection.

3. How much deposit is required and how can I make payment?

For orders that are held from 4-6 weeks from the purchase date, we require a 30% deposit when the order is placed, and the balance will be paid in full prior to delivery.

For orders that are held more than 8 weeks from the purchase date, we require a full payment.

All items remain the property of Natural Timber Stone until payment has been made in full. Payment options include Visa Card, Master Card, EFT transfer or cash.

4. Can I cancel my order?

Orders placed online or at store may be cancelled within 24 hours for a full refund. Cancellations may be considered after this time based on the progress of your order.

Orders cancelled after 24 hours may incur reasonable cancellation fees charged at the discretion of Natural Timber Stone.

5. How will my goods arrive?

Once your order is ready our shipping partner will contact you to arrange a convenient day and time for delivery. If the delivery address has access issues or limitations, you will need to provide us with as much detail as possible to ensure delivery can take place easily and safely.

6. Do you have different leg options?

Yes, we have different leg options like A, V, T, H, X, Double Y, Double V shaped in metal frame and T, X shaped in wooden frame.

The metal legs are made with quality steel to support the heavy weight of our live edge slabs.

The wooden legs are made from the same wood as our tables (Samanea wood)

7. How long does it take to make a custom table?

The process timeline depends on the type of order.

On average, estimated from 3-5 months to complete the order and arrive to Australia.

All the custom orders will be made at our factory from oversea and imported to Australia.

The timeline also depends on wood availability and sea freight timetable.

Shipping time varies also depending on the destination.

For any other inquiries please contact us on 0452274387 or email us at sales@naturaltimberstone.com.au