(Updated: Jan 1st, 2022)

  1. Special Order Placement and Acceptance

Natural Timber Stone’s special order products are customized and made to order. It is essential that the buyer review the special order custom drawing and order details upon receipt for accuracy of project specifications. If there are any changes on the dimensions, finish or specifications listed on the special order custom drawing, the Buyer must notify NTS in writing of such changes prior to electronic confirmation and payment. Failure to notify NTS’s of order changes within this time period will constitute acceptance of final contract as final and binding.
NTS will require a minimum 50% deposit of the contract total at the time of order confirmation, with the 50% remaining balance, shipping charges and taxes (if applicable) due upon completion of production and prior to scheduling of delivery and installation.
Please be sure of your choices when placing your order. Your custom ordered pieces cannot be cancelled, changed or returned. Production begins shortly after the order is placed.

  1.  Special Order Cancellation Information

As items are made to order, they cannot be changed, returned or cancelled once confirmed.
Order may be cancelled by the Buyer in within 24 hours after order confirmation via phone or mail to
Natural Timber Stone reserves it right not to agree to any cancelation request in its sole discretion. Buyer shall pay to NTS a cancellation charge to include all costs and expenses already incurred or to become incurred for obligations made by NTS in connection with the processing, design, manufacturing, handling and fabrication of the product(s) subject to the cancelled order, plus reasonable amounts for overhead and profit or 50 percent of the dollar amount of the cancelled order
Natural Timber Stone and the Buyer agree that this cancellation charge is necessary as liquidated damages and not as a penalty for Buyer’s improper cancellation of the order, which charge the Buyer acknowledges as reasonable.

  1.  Errors and Modifications

If any errors or omissions pertinent to this order have been made either by NTS or Buyer, NTS shall be notified by Buyer in writing of such error or omission within 24 hours after order confirmation. Otherwise, the order will be deemed accepted by both parties as shown. NTS reserves the right to correct any and all typographical, computational or clerical errors made in the preparation of order and specifications and all associated special order custom drawing.

  1.  Product Variations

Please note that our furniture are natural aged wood so that no items are identical together from colour, shape to timber pattern.
Natural Timber Stone utilizes materials and processes that create one of a kind furniture pieces with slight color and pattern variations. These variations are inherent in the materials used and are part of what make custom products unique.

  1.  Design Responsibility

Natural Timber Stone can assist in support of a Buyer’s project with advice about the specific properties of the custom made furniture but will not be held liable for any buyer’s remorse or flaws in the customer design, installation or specification.

  1. Pricing

Pricing is based upon information supplied by Buyer to date and is subject to change based upon final production details. Any substantial changes to design; including construction, finish, materials and dimensions may affect pricing and schedule. Upon delivery, if chosen, should any conditions arise that were not noted or visible at the time of order that prevent, complicate, or increase the delivery and install responsibilities beyond those normally included, Buyer will be notified and charged for accordingly unless they decline in which case furniture will simply be dropped off to be completed by a third party to be chosen by Buyer at Buyers sole cost and responsibility.

  1. Payment Terms

Natural Timber Stone will require a minimum 50% deposit of the contract total at the time of order confirmation, with the 50% remaining balance, shipping charges and taxes (if applicable) due upon completion of production and prior to scheduling of delivery and installation.
You will be contacted once your furniture is ready for delivery. Please note that all balances are due in full to release your furniture for delivery.

  1. Order Lead Time and Schedule

Production schedule for each item varies depending on the extension of each project and it is an approximation. Order lead time will start once Natural Timber Stone has received order confirmation from Buyer and is ready to commence production. Schedule will be based upon information supplied by the Buyer to date when it is created and is subject to change based upon final production. Please note that any substantial changes by the Buyer to the product construction and specifications; including design, engineering details, materials and dimensions may affect schedule.

  1. Product Acceptance

All furniture is ordered custom made and cannot be returned. BUYER SHOULD INSPECT THE PRODUCTS UPON SET-UP COMPLETION.
If you have a concern, problem, or there are PRODUCT ERRORS OR OMISSIONS, we will work with you to correct it. Natural Timber Stone reserves the right to determine the best possible solution for any problems that may arise