Interior trends in 2023

1. Gray interior will become not popular

Designer Susan Hayward in Massachusetts, USA, says that the gray interior trend is gradually being replaced.

“Grey interiors, along with cool tones, are being phased out. Instead, we’ll see more pops of color and warm tones taking their place,” says Susan.

2. Big lights are no longer popular

In the past, lighting fixtures were increased in size and in some cases, lamps were decorated too large for the size of the room. “A table lamp shouldn’t be too big, if you don’t sit under the table you will feel overwhelmed. Next year, those designs will no longer be popular,” said Susan.

3. Floating shelf will be removed

The concept of floating shelves has taken the design world by storm as people try to create a sense of openness and more storage, but according to interior designer Rudolph Diesel (UK) this trend will disappear. in 2023.

“These shelves used to be popular in the farmhouse style but I think it’s on the decline now,” says Rudolph.

The designer says a few long shelves look better than many short ones because it’s seamless and less cluttered.

4. Organic interior style

According to interior designer Sarah Bowen, UK, the modern organic trend – defined as a mix of minimalism, modern decor and bohemian design – is likely to start to decline. in 2023.

“Modern organics are overwhelming the market and homeowners will start moving away from this trend to avoid interiors that look too similar to other homes,” says Sarah.

The following trends will soon become popular in interior design 2023:

Bold, unexpected colors

Natural and neutral tones have become popular, but Barnes says 2023 will see more color in the space.

“We find strong colors, in sofa pillows, or rugs to create accents that help fix the space,” says Barnes.

5. Breakthrough walls

Choose accents with a unique texture or wallpaper in a similar color to the rest of the room, says Diesel. “If you want to create a wall with wood accents, make sure you’re using vertical slats as they help to raise the roof and make the space more intimate. Avoid using recycled wood as it will make the house look stale. “, said Diesel.

This designer also recommends choosing the right area to decorate, it is best to decorate the first wall you see when entering the room.

6. Curves

“As people look to change their homes, a trend away from straight lines and towards more modern curves is emerging. Things like curved furniture allow for a bold, distinct style. without looking flashy or unsightly,” says Diesel.

Designers recommend choosing arched doorways and curves around exterior walls to add interesting shapes and sizes.

7. Classic furniture

Vintage interiors have been trending in recent years, and interior designer Jen Dallas says it’s a trend we’ll continue to see more of in 2023.

“The trend that will continue to grow is buying used or antique furniture. It’s a great way to add character to your home and it’s so much better for the environment when we do. so,” Dallas said.