Mistakes to avoid when choosing kitchen colors and dining table

Here is a simple rule when mixing colors that you should remember: White goes with black and brown should combine with cream. Here are five basic steps to help you figure out what you want in a kitchen before it’s even conceived to ensure you’ll fall in love with your kitchen.

1. Which dining table do you want in your kitchen?

This is the most important question that you need to answer yourself before even hiring a design consultant. Kitchen cabinets with natural wood color with painted kitchen cabinets. Study various photo examples from magazines or blogs before you decide. A small statistic for you is that up to 95% of luxury homes in Europe use painted kitchen cabinets instead of leaving them natural. , so don’t be afraid to step out of your “safe” cocoon to try fresh colors on wood unless the natural grain is something you really like. Once you know what you want, don’t let the designers or cabinet makers change your mind.

2. Choose a good architect or interior designer.

The kitchen is the most important place in the house, especially if you are a kitchen person. A place to keep the fire, maintain the health and happiness of each family. The choice of designer is important because of the fact that an architect and an interior designer are often not the same thing, but in our country these two professions are often equated. Most architects without further study and learning will not understand much about colors and materials in interior decoration, but the most important thing in interior design in the end will be: a pile of colors combined. together how? Abroad, interior design is usually done by a color consultant “A color specialist”. And you can also put yourself in the shoes of a color consultant to ask yourself the following questions:
a, What should we not do?
b, What do we need to do?
c, Should the colors in this room be light or dark?
d, Do we need to add color to this dull room or do we need more neutral colors to match the existing color blocks?
e, Does our client want a room with neutral or vibrant colors?
f, What do our clients need advice on in order for them to achieve what they want in home renovation and decoration?
g, Which rooms need to keep up with trends and which rooms can stay the same for years?
h, Finally, an experience designer will explain to you why they give such advice and base your choices with clear justifications. You hire a consultant because they will answer your “why” question, so make sure they answer that question for you clearly.
3. Let women be involved and decide on what the kitchen will look like unless it is you who are in the kitchen often.
Women are always more sensitive to kitchen colors and functions, so husbands should not decide on their own kitchens if they do not want to hear complaints year after year about whether the tiles are too messy or pink. beige ends up looking like beige yellow.
4. Choosing tiles and kitchen tiles is actually a lot more difficult than imagined especially when you choose light colored tiles.
I’ve seen tiles in the showroom that clearly had a light green sheen that ended up turning beige when it was laid into the floor. Choosing the wrong color of the grout can also distort the color as a change in the color of the environment can also cause a brick that is pale like beige to turn into another color. So take a few tiles of your choice home and test it directly on the floor you plan to put in, observing it both in the evening light and in natural light to make sure it’s what you want. .
5. The era of dividing the space in the house with tiles is over and especially the kitchen space does not always have to be tiles to avoid getting wet and dirty.

Image: epoxy dining table

Now we can install the entire kitchen floor and all other floors (except the bathroom) with wood without worrying about damage. In general, there is no need to create space barriers by changing the background color if that is not what you want. Take a close look at the kitchen furniture, don’t rush to choose at first sight!!!