Tips on how to choose a TV unit for the living room

1. Choose a TV unit based on the size of the TV

Popular TV sizes today:
32 inch TVs are often found in small living room interiors, bedrooms… so how to choose a TV unit for a 32 inch TV, which type of shelf should you choose? First you should change the measurement unit from inches to centimeters, 32 inch TV = 81cm so normally the shelf size ratio will be ⅔ of the TV, so at least the length of the TV unit must be 120cm to balance the interior space. furniture, or you can choose a larger size depending on the space area and desire to display speakers or decorative items on the TV unit. It is possible to combine additional items that come with the TV system such as bookcases, decorative cabinets, wine cabinets…
Similar to 43 inch TV size, minimum shelf length is 140cm.
For 55-inch TVs, you should choose a shelf with a minimum length of 1m5.
Depending on the weight of the TV, thickness and height of the TV, choose the most suitable TV unit height. Besides, the shelf design and TV unit style are also very important, consider carefully before choosing so that the overall appearance is most harmonious.

2. Choose a TV unit according to your living space

2.1 Apartments
Owning a small apartment, a shelf that is too large will take up a lot of space, not only that, it will also disrupt the harmony of the common interior space. First, measure the size of the TV unit, determine the TV size to choose the most suitable shelf size.
Normally, the width in a small apartment is 2 to 3 m, the distance from the TV to the sofa is 2 to 3 m, and the TV size should be 32 to 55 inches which is best to protect the eyes. for all family members. So the types of shelves you should choose have an estimated size of about 1m2 to 2m which is most suitable.
However, depending on each family’s usage preferences, choose a larger TV size up to 65 inches, then choose a shelf according to the ⅔ formula to get a suitable minimum shelf size of 2m2.
2.2 Villas and large houses
Normally, households in villas and large houses have very good economic conditions, so the interior furniture must also be beautiful, classy and meet high aesthetic needs. So is there the fastest way to choose a TV shelf for a villa? Not only is it possible, but it’s also easy if you know a few small points below. Just pay attention to the main style of the villa, usually vintage style, classic style, Indochine style, typical Nordic style… In each of these styles, the interior design is also designed and has its own style, its own identity, and from there you can easily choose the appropriate TV unit style.
However, modern style, the combination of classic and modern interior trends, is popular not only in Vietnam, so the creativity is also loved by many families.

3. TV unit by color

TV unit colors are mainly neutral, cool colors, because most used TVs are usually black, so the combination of TV color and shelf is also easier to choose.
To have a space that is harmonious in color, a white TV shelf with light blue or yellow walls is an interesting highlight. Or a black TV unit that matches the color of the TV and the contrast between the white wall exudes elegance with a modern interior style.
Don’t forget to coordinate and decorate the TV shelf or the back wall, creating the perfect overall look.
TV unit with wood grain colors will bring rusticity, not too fussy, outstanding but still maintain the elegance of the living room.