The most important basic rules of wooden furniture and interior design

Wooden furniture and home interior design is one of the specific design areas that requires professional experience and the highest technical factors. Because to be able to create a beautiful, quality interior product, there needs to be a smooth combination of many different elements. Among them, the basic rules of wood and interior design are the most important.

Proper ratio of wooden furniture

Proper proportion is one of the most important rules when designing wooden furniture. If you make mistakes in proportion, the furniture will no longer fit that space. As follows:
If the room area is large but the furniture is too small, it will cause the interior to appear cluttered and the space to be empty and unaesthetic.
If the space is small and the furniture is large, it will feel cramped, stuffy and waste living space.
Therefore, before designing, it is necessary to conduct careful measurements to estimate the most harmonious and suitable proportions.

Wooden furniture needs to be selected and arranged harmoniously

Harmony is the next important factor you need to keep in mind when designing wooden furniture. The element of harmony is expressed through the color, design, material, and style of the interior.
The basic rules of furniture and interior design require specific harmony as follows:
The color of the interior is uniform and in harmony with the surrounding space and other furniture.
Interior design style needs to be unified according to one school of thought, creating an overall harmonious connection.

The interior design matches the homeowner’s requirements and aesthetic taste.

To be able to combine the above elements in the most harmonious way, when designing the interior you need to learn and clearly define the style and design orientation from overall to details such as kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. stair,…

Create balance with wooden furniture in the house

The next rule to remember is balance in interior design. It is necessary to show balance and symmetry of the elements that make up the space, including furniture and room area.
The element of balance is also expressed through the arrangement and layout of the interior. You need to carefully calculate the space area then choose the most appropriate and harmonious decoration and arrangement.
Balance in interior design is divided into two types: symmetrical balance and asymmetrical balance. Each style has its own beauty, so it depends on the homeowner’s preference to choose one of the two.

Create a highlight in the design with unique wooden furniture

When mentioning important rules in wooden interior design, the element of creating accents cannot be ignored. Furniture with beautiful, meticulous and reasonable lines will highlight the design and create a highlight for the space.
You can create effective interior highlights by placing them in special, prominent positions, taking advantage of color contrast,…