Advantages and disadvantages of natural wood furniture.

Using natural wood in design and making furniture is a choice of many houses today. Because it brings luxury, convenience, comfort to the home space and is suitable for many different space designs. However, using natural wood will also bring certain disadvantages.
Furniture made from natural wood always has a beautiful surface, uniform texture, is sturdy and can be crafted in many designs. In addition, wood materials and beautiful high-quality wooden furniture products are suitable for areas near the sea and rivers – limiting corrosion and not being oxidized.

Advantages of natural wood furniture

Durable over time: high-end wooden furniture often has very high durability, some rare types of wood such as rosewood, clove wood, mahogany, etc. also increase in the value of wood over time of use.
Brings natural  to interior space. Wooden furniture is beautiful because of its inherent rusticity and friendliness. The color of wood is the color of warmth. Wood patterns with different colors are characteristic of the beauty of natural wood furniture. In addition, the difference in color and wood patterns will give wooden furniture products a very unique beauty on each product.
High-end wooden furniture and production and construction of beautiful, cheap wooden furniture bring the beauty of nature, beautiful wood patterns are especially characteristic of each type of wood.

Disadvantages of natural wood furniture

– Natural wooden furniture is increasingly scarce, currently most natural wooden furniture is imported, so the price of natural wooden furniture is quite high, the cost of processing natural wooden furniture is high because there are many craftsmen. Therefore, the price of beautiful natural wooden furniture and interior products is always higher and the meticulous design is much more elaborate than cheap industrial wooden furniture.
– Wood will warp and shrink: Mixed natural wood made by less skilled workers can cause the wood to quickly warp and shrink over time.