Epoxy resin interior with modern design style for space

Epoxy furniture has no limits in design

Epoxy floors fall under the category of warm floors (in the form of wood floors) and they have all the properties of solid floors.
They are suitable for application on underfloor heating systems in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, almost anywhere.
There are no limits in design; With epoxy floors the only limit you have is your imagination.

Interior epoxy style makeover

You can create uniqueness in your room with simple and unified epoxy floors, as well as with sophisticated design choices, such as metallic effects, concrete optics, 3D effects, paintings or some artists’ works.
Visualize any of your spaces and encourage yourself for a modern makeover.

Transform interior epoxy vision into reality

Thinking about your epoxy interior, surely you already have a vision of how you see your place in the future.
However, if you don’t have a vision, designers can help you design the space and choose a flooring system.
It’s up to us to make your choice or your wish come true.

Rooms are cleaner, brighter and more airy with epoxy furniture

Thanks to its endurance, your room is suitable for a great flow of people. Epoxy floors are very hygienic floors and are therefore a suitable choice for restaurants and cafes. Additionally, their reflective surface makes the room brighter and more airy.
Due to the advantages of easy maintenance, epoxy flooring is the ideal choice for you if you have animals, allergy problems or a young family. Modern epoxy resins are available in a variety of environmentally friendly systems.