Being compared to human fingerprints is really no exaggeration, because when wood grains are formed, they are the natural contours of the wood fibers or sapwood that appear in the wood. Through a very complex process of growth, biological, physical and chemical changes from organic substances accumulated in the heartwood and cells that are unable to conduct water and salt. They are truly a gift of nature with their unique and impressive beauty. In the wood core, they are dark in color, heavy, hard, and difficult to absorb water. The shape and color of wood grain not only depends on the type of wood but also greatly depends on the climate, soil where the tree lives and the longevity of the tree. Every year in the spring, the tree grows strongly, creating a thick layer of light-colored wood. In other seasons, the wood grows slowly, the wood layer is thin, and the color is dark. Two layers of wood of different light and dark colors create a wood age.
Samanea Saman is a multifunctional plant, it brings many economic and life benefits. It is no coincidence that the Samanea Saman tree is among the top 5 most commonly grown plant species in the island nation of Singapore. Even without the Samanea Saman variety, it is unlikely that Singapore would be known as the “green forest island nation” like it is now. In 2010, the tamarind tree was also included as a symbol printed on Singapore Post postage stamps. In Vietnam, Samanea Saman trees are chosen by many tree companies as landscape trees, adding beauty and color to the city, reducing the hot atmosphere of tropical summers.

Wood grain is formed from organic substances that accumulate in the core wood and cells that are unable to conduct water and salt. They are a gift of nature with unique and impressive beauty.

Although Samanea Saman wood is not in the group of rare woods, it has wonderfully beautiful grain, which can be compared to other precious woods such as rosewood, however rosewood grain is thicker. In terms of physical properties, this type of wood is lighter than other types of wood such as rosewood. But that does not mean that the hardness of this type of wood is low. Furthermore, Samanea Saman wood is also considered quite durable, so today Samanea Saman wood is used and crafted in many types of furniture. Especially whole-plate dining tables.