The tips to choose the perfect coffee table

The right coffee table not only helps to honor each sofa set, but also enhances the aesthetics of the entire living room. Just know the small secrets below, you can be confident and quickly choose the table you want.
By mastering the basic rules below, you can easily choose the right coffee table for yourself, no matter what genre your living room design is.

Size: Height and width of coffee tables

This factor depends a lot on the size of your living room and sofa set (or chairs). The bigger the room, the bigger the sofa, the table must also have the corresponding size in proportion. If your room is not spacious, choose a small table just enough to not feel bulky and overwhelming. Plus, consider the height of the table. The low table looks stylish and elegant, but it is only suitable for tea and water, not convenient if you want to sit at the dining table. The simplest rule is to choose according to the size of your sofa: the width of the coffee table is 2/3 the width of the sofa, and the table top is just as high as the seat of the chair.

The use of coffee tables

Will you buy a visually impressive table to create a focal point for the living room or a practical table for pure service for coffee and dining? The intended use will help you decide what kind of desk you need. Floor tables with interesting structures will provide a very effective display effect, making your living room look like it stepped out of a magazine. In contrast, a simple table with a regular flat surface will be extremely flexible in supporting your living.

Material and colors of coffee tables

This is the most interesting stage of all, because in this step you can define the “mood” for the whole room. Will it feel luxurious, basic, or trendy, personality. It all depends largely on the material you choose. The natural wooden tables with their authenticity evoke a feeling of relaxation and coziness. They are also one of the sustainable choices over time, with high practicality. Meanwhile, the glass or marble table has a charming and elegant look. Glass is also one of the ageless materials, forever beautiful with time and extremely easy to clean. You should also consider using granite when there are small children in the house, because spilling water on the table is easy to leave stains; Glasses are also not the optimal choice because they are too fragile and young children will never sit still. For those who love sparkling beauty, gold or bronze finishes are the ideal choice. And to enjoy the natural roughness and fresh tropical breeze, nothing is more suitable than the tables made from bamboo and rattan. Be really careful to find the right material for the family living situation.

Designs of coffee tables

With the design industry advancing as fast as it is today, the coffee table has carried a wide variety of designs, creating a distinctive and distinctive visual impression.
However, most people will still choose basic geometric shapes because they almost never go out of fashion. If you need softness and grace, buy a round table. If you want to bring into the space elegant, straight lines, choose a rectangular or square table. Or sometimes, break a little bit with a puffy table like a soft pouf chair, a table made of stained glass. All is possible as long as you maintain a sense of harmony, focus and full expression of your personality.